The Kingdom Moment

Book Reviews

“Such an easy and quick read. Perfect for whenever you need a spiritual guide. Highly recommended!”

—Sonia Gilmartin, Albany Georgia

“This makes me feel closer to the Kingdom of God. It’s always calming to know that there’s someone above looking out for you.”

—Tanya Malloy, Kirksville, Missouri

“A friend of mine recommended this book to me and I was amazed by what I read. It feels so true. It’s relatable. The book also soothes my emotions.”

—Delma Robinson, Dothan, Alabama

About The Book

The Kingdom Moment is a spiritual guide that aids readers to discover some key spiritual truths about the Kingdom of God. The book is set in a thirty-one-day devotional format, each day focuses on a spiritual truth for the readers to learn, and each week concludes with reflective questions for application.

Easy to read and understand, The Kingdom Moment is a nice way to build a solid foundation on the different dimensions of the Kingdom of God—healing, dominion, sonship, salvation, praise, and purpose.

About The Author

Pastor Michael T. James has been God’s visionary for Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, Tennessee, since 1998. He earned his bachelor’s degree in aerospace from the Middle Tennessee State University. He earned his master’s degree in Christian ministry from Southern Christian University.

In his postgraduate studies, Michael holds various certificates, even change management certificates. He has a facilitator’s license from Corporate Coach U and VitalSmarts. He is also certified as a competent communicator by Toastmasters International.

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According to Genesis 1:26–28, God created mankind in His image and likeness. Mankind was blessed by God and given the mandate of dominion. It was God’s original intent for mankind to rule the earth as His Kingdom representative in the exact same manner as God ruled the heavens.

Adam and Eve forfeited their right and privilege as rulers on the earth when they willfully disobeyed God. Man’s authority was transferred to Satan. In the fullness of time, Jesus Christ came from God as God in the human form in order to reestablish the Kingdom of God as a present day reality in the earth.

The first message declared by Jesus Christ is recorded in Matthew 4:17: “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” The word “repent” means to change one’s mind and to think differently.

This 31-day devotional, The Kingdom Moment, has been created to help you discover some key spiritual truths about the Kingdom of God. It will help you build a solid foundation on the different dimensions of the Kingdom of God such as healing, dominion, sonship, salvation, praise, authority, and purpose. You will discover how to live a Kingdom-focused life as personified in the life of Jesus Christ.

Remember, you were created to rule and reign in every area of your life in this life now, not only in the life to come. Get ready for a wonderful journey and know the Kingdom of God has already come.

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