Every Day is A Gift

September 22, 2017 Michael James

Living Life for God: Maximizing God’s Gift of Every Day


Every day is a gift from God. For believers, this isn’t new knowledge. But it never has been a question of whether everybody knows this truth—it is a matter of whether or not we are living every day fulfilling the purpose He gave us.


It is for a certain purpose God gives u . . .

A Predestined Life for God

September 12, 2017 Michael James

Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life


Today’s generation is one that is starving for validation, identity, and purpose—but we won’t find the answers from the things of this world which fire and rust destroy (Mt. 6:19). They’re for you to discover once you acknowledge that your life has been predestined by God for His greater glory.

. . .

God Heals

September 5, 2017 Michael James

One just needs to have faith in the God who heals.


God is our Mighty Healer. God's healing power runs all through nature. God heals those who accept Him. Believe, and He will make everything possible for you. Your faith in God brings the power of healing. Trust God and let Him into your hearts and minds. Break down strongholds. Talk to Him in all . . .