I am a Formidable Ruler: Taking Control of Life

August 22, 2017 Michael James

Dominion versus domination: taking back control of your life in God's way.


While dominion makes many people uncomfortable, did you know that it was mandated by God? What does it mean to live a life of dominion?


What is living the life of dominion? Often, we tend to have a bad impression of the word dominion because of ho . . .

Facing our Fear with God’s Grace

August 17, 2017 Michael James

How we can handle our biggest fear through our perseverance and God’s guidance.


Often, we are presented with challenges, and there will be days when we'll think that we are incapable to face it, thus overwhelming ourselves with fear. As a basic human emotion, experiencing fear is normal. But once we are overwhelmed with it, we tread the road wi . . .