Finding Strength in God amidst the Storms

July 25, 2017 Michael James

God’s Strength is Made Perfect in My Weakness

When life gets hard, the storms in our life overwhelm us and sometimes the only thing we can do is submit to that familiar feeling of hopelessness. It is during these times that our weaknesses become all too clear to us. We feel that these same weaknesses are the chains we become ashamed of the seemingly unen . . .

Made in the Image and Likeness of God

July 18, 2017 Michael James

Discover How We Are Wonderfully Created in the Image and Likeness of God


We are destined to be more than who we think we are.


Living in earthly grounds makes it easy for us to be swayed by the ways of the world. Everyone is entitled to judge a person for who he/she is based on limited and biased principles. We are judged by our skin . . .

His Saving Grace

July 11, 2017 Michael James

We Are Not Unsalvageable

The term saving grace is generally defined as a “redeeming quality or factor” of an object or a person that prevents them from being judged as completely horrible. Prideful humans as we are, we may be keeping long lists of what we consider as saving graces of ourselves. We have beauty, intelligence, and unique skills w . . .

Forging a Relationship with God

July 4, 2017 Michael James

How to be more intimate with the “distant” God


So here’s news for you: Christianity isn’t a religion; it’s a relationship.


For the longest time, people have entertained a fixed image of the most intimate God, our Creator, as a distant, unfeeling god. And so to be able to approach the Holy One, you must be “holy” and “ . . .